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"The mind is everything. What you think, you become."

Bc that makes sense
by Anonymous

this just in: anonymous tumblr user declares there are no other sexualities besides gay and straight

u said u can't say "I'm straight" though?
by Anonymous

bc i’m not straight lmao doesn’t mean i’m lesbian

wait did you just come out as a lez?
by Anonymous

"a lez" lmao why do people say shit like this??? also no i’m not lesbian


like I was just sipping some tap water with 1 ice cube in it and I just wanted to say that men are so disappointing you cannot put faith in them or trust them or tell them things theyre just so full of shit and stupid as fuck like theyre not kind or caring or empathetic and their advice never makes sense theyre just freaks honestly like theyll do anyting for their “boys” but throw their female friends under the bus

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I caught myself staring at my butt in the shower today, thought of u
by warningflyingpacman

we r 1

I'm sad I thought you would reply "Titties"
by warningflyingpacman

so we could be like augustus and hazel but w titties

well actually, so far just music interests, i can tell you like Yeezy so thats one, but i mean you look like a really cool person, and youre really good looking.
by Anonymous

thank u

might as well, seems like we have some similar interests
by Anonymous

such as???

by warningflyingpacman

only for u

DJ's need to listen to the models, "You ain't got no fuckin' Yeezy in your Serato?"
by Anonymous